The process

Our wine lies on the fruit quality, the grape. The process begins in the ideal moment, considering annual climatic variations as well as its astrological best moment. We harvest differentiating between plots, allowing to keep the very special flavour of each terroir.

Thanks to intact native yeasts imbedded in the fruit’s skin an amazing must fermentation is produced resulting in a very complex wine of great concentration. The next step into the barrel is crucial in the elaboration of our wine. We have to separate the mother – which is the grape- from the son -which is the wine-. The birth of this young wine is calculated and programmed taking into account Biodynamic and astrological factors that could benefit its maturing along time.

During this time, with much time and care, we get to stabilize the wine, soften it, make it round and achieving its optimal point as a healthy nourishment. When time is due, we move to the next step which is bottling. At any time during this process any rectification, clarification or filtering is being made. In the same spirit, no batonnage or rackling is applied.
The final “mise en bouteille” is capped with natural corks from the Natural Acorns Reserve of Sierra de Espadan which helps the wine continue its evolution and finesse. Each one of our bottles of wine has its own story. And that story is kept from the moment of its birth to the moment of being bottled. Each bottle contains the true and definite flavour of the precise land in which it was born : the slope, valley or hill of origin. Each one possesses independent traits of its own.

Then and only then commercialization can start.


“The strain, the grape’s mother, wants its son to change, become a good wine, getting matured through the oak barrel to end up transmitting the whole story as if it was a message in a bottle.”