Most of the literature agrees that a high revesratrol concentration can be found on grapes as a result of the gene induction in the Resveratrol’s synthesis,based basically in its response to pathogens (phytoalexines).

Nevertheless it is also known that other factors can exist causing the induction of this gene such as biotic stress and abiotic in general. Even those causes could partially explain the high concentration but not enterely. Considering the many aspects in which Resveratrol has a specific function, there has to be a conceptual way to explain these gigantic figures founded in Dagon wine.

So, if a molecule is synthesized to respond to a specific tension, that could be because of its chemical attributes prone to solve the problem for which it was synthesized, either directly or through its combination in a global response mechanism.However, if a molecule synthesizes in response to different factors such as a pathogen attack, UV light action, period of drought, nitrate soil excess or others, then the response must be associated to a more basic biological estructural level, that is, to a more profound level of life mechanisms.