bodegas dagon

At BODEGAS DAGON we elaborate our wines in a very natural fashion, respecting the ecosystem,  Earth cycles and biodynamics.

Thanks to a process free of neither chemical nor oenological products from harvesting to bottling we obtain a unique wine with lack of any added sulphide.

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The Soil

Our soil is alive, without neither herbicides nor chemical fertilizers.We respect the biodiversity in our plots so the Earth can regenerate without exploiting its nutrients. Working this way we are sure to obtain the best fruits.


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Pruning, farming and vine respect trying to avoid any aggression to the vine are key to obtain what we like to call “happy grapes”.



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The process

Our grapes are handpicked and transported in boxes no heavier than 20Kgs to our cellar where they are squished and macerated so grape must turns into “pure state” wine with neither chemical nor enological additives.




The feminine expression


A different white wine

Bibiss is a wine for the soul, fruit of overmatured Macabeo produced in a 5 acres dry plot with poor and sandy soil from 1990’s planted vines. It’s only elaborated with matured grapes with no vine leaves, long gone due to its natural cycle, bathed by the sun which gives its golden skin tone (future wine’s color). Retrieving the dignity and the sweetness of the happy vineyard, it fruits grow energetic and healthy, base of the natural agriculture.

Classical artisanal Mediterranean elaboration.




Joy of youthness


A unique wine

Miquelius is a mystic wine, a coupage of BOBAL and Tempranillo matured in 60years old vines in a poor but fresh soil but respecting its very specific terroir. Always elaborated looking after the optimum maturity, often inclined to overmaturing grapes if the vintage allows so. Retrieving our ancestor’s dignity, based on what we were teached from my grandfather Loreto and my father Miguel on agriculture.

Technical data



Sublimating maturity


The wine and the spirit

DAGON is a spiritual cult wine, fruit of overmatured raisin-like Bobal in vines planted more than 60 years ago in dry soil, bottled in an altitude of between 750 and 820m, giving its full expression thanks to its late harvest between Nov 15th and Feb 24th (rare vintage). Retrieving our ancestor’s dignity, in line with the traditional method inherited from my grandfather Loreto and my father Miguel.

Technical data

Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant that brings many beneficial health effects.

Thanks to our exclusive crop system we are able to produce a wine with the highest RESVERATROL concentration registered to date.

Resveratrol’s molecule contains many healthy properties. It combats and neutralizes BAD CHOLESTEROL (LDL), also lowers the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases through its preservation of the endothelium.It’s also a very powerful tool against the formation of cancer cells. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps when recovering from traumatisms following strokes.It also aids in preventing age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer & Parkinson.

In short, it’s a molecule that, apart from renewing the metabolism, retards the pace of aging and avoids the formation of multiple diseases mostly aging related. It also contributes to stabilize oestrogen levels.

Some people conceive Revesratrol as a true medicine as it acts as an antioxidant, a platelet anti-aggregate, an anti-inflammatory, a vasodilator and even as a cell proliferation inhibitor.

The wines from BODEGAS DAGON contain, according to HPLC and spectroscopy UV, a Resveratrol concentration of 1611,73+-72,66 mg/l. This marks the highest Resveratrol concentrated wine registered to date.

Resveratrol concentrations obtained in the tested samples have no comparison in history, according to the available records from the authors of this study (link).The obtained figures for the Dagon wine (1611,73 mg/l) are above ONE HUNDRED times the next highest Resveratrol concentrated wine (14,3 mg/l) recorded and almost ONE THOUSAND times the world average.

How can be rationally and cientifically substantiated such a huge difference on a regular basis ?

Most of the literature agrees that a high revesratrol concentration can be found on grapes as a result of the gene induction in the Resveratrol’s synthesis,based basically in its response to pathogens (phytoalexines).

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The Winemaker

Miguel Jesús Márquez

His wine is imbued with the energy and values that only Miguel is able to transmit through his touch to everything and everyone around. Miguel is an oenologist and a sommelier that transmits health & spiritual energy through his wine which are the base and the foundation for a healthy and happy existence. He enables to live in harmony among us, with the surrounding and also with the rest.