The winemaker

Miguel was born in a agricultural and winemaking family entourage, his family being known as ”the honey makers” in the region. After studying enology in Spain he moved to France to continue his studies and work further. He spent some time in Pierre Overnoy’s winery from whom he learnt his knowledge regarding agribusiness and the cellar which produced the well-known and exclusive white wine from French Jura in the Arboix region. In 1990 he gave birth to his first “pure state” wine, the first produce from Bodegas Dagon.
He’s also a founding member of the Spanish Natural Wine Association  Asociación de Vinos Naturales de España and the “Three Hearts Association” Asociación Tres Corazones.

Quoting Bodegas Dagon´s employees :

” Teamwork in this cellar is capital. One´s Values are being tested. Miguel creates an ambiance where everything looks armonic. The energy flows much better, it’s a spiritual energy emerging from love that makes you feel complete, it invigorates and that get transmitted to everything we achieve. That energy that everyone throws into his thoughts, his actions and his feelings gets impregnated in a clear and straightway manner to crystalize in the final work, fruit of a teamwork in the cellar and in the fields. All this is reflected in this wine, a unique product.”