Wines from BODEGAS DAGON are created in harmony with its entourage all along the process. Our wine is certificated by Vaersa Group (Generalitat Valenciana) as a natural product from the Hoces del Cabriel Park (double link to certificates) and has been awarded the D.O. denomination from Utiel-Requena.

The terroir, the variety and the microclimate conform an ecosystem in a cycle that considers the seasons and the energetic influence of the constellations as well as the planets and the moon. We finally harvest the fruit that the soil is offering us, with no harm to the vine, without forcing the ecosystem that surrounds us. That is why our quality is based on the fine equilibrium between earth and heaven onto our vines.

As a result of this process our natural wine presents the highest level of Resveratrol -a natural antioxidant- recorded to date.

Our wines are bottled with a Best in class cork from the woods of the Sierra de Espadan Park, managed following the strict economic, social and environmental rules of the FSC organization (link).

We also carry the Rainforest Alliance tag (link) as the first European winery and the third Worldwide to have collected this certification..